An all-in-one solution.
MAHA Factory Customer Service.

We support our trading partners in all areas. Starting with the delivery of our products, through their installation, to their repair and maintenance. If required, our experienced employees can provide professional instruction too.

Our highly qualified service technicians arrive on-site quickly, which means that we guarantee the highest possible availability of our products on the market.

Our service bases are located across Germany in Kempten, Chemnitz and Witten. Short journey times allow us to serve our customers in the best possible way. Internationally, we are well positioned through our subsidiaries and our sales and service partners.

Our trade partners and the MAHA SERVICE CENTER ensure a comprehensive service network for customers.


For repair enquiries, please enter a short description of the defect in the corresponding ticket field, for maintenance enquiries, please enter the due date.

The specification of the serial number will speed up the handling process. The serial number can be taken from the identification plate or the invoice.