MAHA Xtreme

Together with our partners, we set out to find the most extraordinary MAHA projects to date: the MAHA XTREMEs. Join us on an extreme journey and let us impress you.

Projekt: Rollercoaster Freiburg

Lifting system for rollercoaster maintenance


Partner: MAHA Direkt

Mack Rides, a company based in Waldkirch near Freiburg, is counted among the leaders in the field of amusement park attractions.

 Maintenance of its rollercoasters required a special, lowered lifting system underneath the tracks, so that a track segment located under the track can be lifted. To do so, two track segments were arranged one on top of the other to ensure that the track was closed, no matter whether the maintenance track segment or the normal track segment ended flush with the track. The maintenance track travels upwards to inspect the cars. The cars are pushed onto the track and lowered. If the track travels with two “trains” at the same time, the rollercoaster ride can continue with only one train and therefore the rollercoaster can remain in continuous operation. 

The special challenge for MAHA was to ensure that the transitions between the moving track segments had to end exactly flush with the remaining parts of the track. After all, the cars have to be prevented from derailing. An appropriate lifting system is now required every time this type of rollercoaster is sold. So MAHA is even providing off-road safety within this extraordinary project.



Project: Rollercoaster



Wheel Engaging Column Lift

Load capacity



Project: diamond-mining

Mobile wheel engaging column lifts for ALROSA


Partner: MAHA Russia

The Russian corporate group ALROSA is the world’s leading diamond producer. ALROSA mines 97 % of all diamonds in Russia and has a 27 % share of the diamond production market worldwide. The group focuses on prospecting, mining, reprocessing and selling rough diamonds. ALROSA is based in the town of Mirny, which is located in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in the north-eastern part of Asian Russia. Due to the region’s extreme continental climate, winters there are very cold and long, while summers are short. The working conditions in this region are therefore extreme too. In winter, temperatures drop below −45 to −50 °C.

Between 2013 and 2014, MAHA Russia delivered nine mobile wheel engaging column lifts of the RGE type to ALROSA. The high-quality equipment proved to be exceptionally reliable – even under these extreme climatic conditions. According to the client, the lifts have definitely proven their worth – particularly when comparing them to lifts from other suppliers.



Project: Mine ALROSA



Wheel Engaging Column Lift

Work at


Degrees minus

Project: Tara-Mine

Roller brake tester for four-wheel vehicles


Partner: MAHA Ireland Ltd.

The Tara mine is an underground zinc and lead mine near the town of Navan in Ireland. The ore body in this mine can be found at a depth of between 150 and 1,000 m underground. The Tara mine is the largest zinc mine in Europe and the ninth largest in the world. It was first discovered in 1970, and production started in 1977. Since then, more than 85 million tonnes of ore have been mined. In 2004, the mine was purchased by the Swedish mining company Boliden.

Today, 580 people work in the Tara mine and extract approximately 2.6 million tonnes of ore every year for the production of zinc and lead concentrates.

In 2016, Boliden agreed to purchase a new roller brake tester (MBT 2250 with RS 5) from MAHA Ireland to test its fleet of four-wheel vehicles used in the mine. A roller brake tester is probably a rather rare sight at this depth.



Project: TARA-MINE

MBT 2250


Break Tester


1.000 m




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