We ensure that everything is as it should be.
Including compliance with regulations whenever necessary.


We support our customers and trading partners in all areas. This includes the standard-compliant calibration of our testing technology on-site at the customer premises as well as at our calibration lab.

We provide our customer service team and service partners with calibration technology and are therefore able to offer a regular calibration service. As a result, we can offer our customers support along the entire calibration chain.

Whether periodic inspection, workshop certification or German DAkkS-certified calibration, MAHA offers the right service for all requirements.

Calibration: what is it?

Calibration is the comparison of a measured value with that of a known and proven standard. The process includes a calibration certificate that documents any measurement errors or uncertainties.

We carry out the standard-compliant calibration of our test equipment on-site at your premises or at our own calibration lab at the Haldenwang site.



For repair enquiries, please enter a short description of the defect in the corresponding ticket field, for maintenance enquiries, please enter the due date.

The specification of the serial number will speed up the handling process. The serial number can be taken from the identification plate or the invoice.