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Ministry of Agriculture and Focus Magazine commend MAHA restaurant once more. In particular, the healthy, regional food, which is freshly prepared daily in Haldenwang, was praised.


Haldenwang, 28 November 2018. “The only thing that matters is the human-being. And if we succeed in pleasing all employees, from workers to top managers, during the short lunch break, then we did a good job.” For Romeo Hofer, this is his task as chef in the MAHA company restaurant. And he and his team are obviously succeeding in doing so, as it has been officially confirmed to the 64-year-old several times now. In 2017, the team took second place nationwide in the category "Company Catering" in the "Communal Catering Manager of the Year 2017" award.

And just recently the news magazine Focus added the MAHA company restaurant to the list of the 50 best company restaurants in Germany. A jury of experts identified it in a large canteen test as part of the "Food & Health e. V." initiative. The Allgäu team of cooks is in good company, among the most renowned company restaurants of large corporations such as Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa and Google. “A great success that makes us incredibly proud”, says Romeo Hofer.

The Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry also presented the company with an award for the improvement of catering services for employees. The event was preceded by a coaching session on "Nutritional value and added value", in which only the team from the MAHA restaurant of the Allgäu region took part. The focus was on the question of how health, regionality, ecology and appreciation can be integrated into everyday life in large-scale catering facilities. The discussion focused in particular on how health considerations could be included more in the selection of dishes, what could be optimised in the preparation process and how the craftsman's own contribution could be further improved.

At MAHA fresh food is prepared daily

Hofer believes not only in the fresh preparation of food but also in the economical use of food. “We are one of very few company restaurants in Bavaria that serves its food directly onto plates and thus guests can take the food straight away. This means that far less food is thrown away.” The management also agreed to deliver the remaining food to "Tafel" (a charity institution) in Memmingen.

Variation is appreciated

Changing seasonal dishes such as asparagus, fish or pasta weeks offer employees at MAHA a much-welcomed change. The fact that the creative dishes are popular with staff is proven by an e-mail, which the chef recently received from one of the employees. It said, “The dishes on offer are always very good, but the new dishes on the menu, especially the “Small Bites”, are excellent. Thank you for not providing us with uniform food, but with refined and visually appealing dishes. Thank you for not getting tired of constantly expanding the offer.”

“We will continue to focus on the wishes of our guests, based on the idea that whenever very good is possible, good per se will not do”, says Romeo Hofer. He, his deputy Maximilian Rabus and the entire kitchen team will continue to work with care on changing and innovating the food on offer.