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MAHA’s charitable organisation, the Family Rauch Foundation, has been supporting the Bavarian Red Cross in the Oberallgäu region for many years now. In May of this year, the Foundation’s efforts in purchasing a service quad bike worth €13,000 will now allow fast first aid to be provided in impassable terrain.


Kempten, 15 September 2020. The Kempten Standby initiative launched by the Bavarian Red Cross (BRC) can look back on a long-standing tradition. For more than 130 years, people in and around Kempten have been volunteering for the citizens of the former administrative district of Kempten. The 120 paramedics mainly provide their services at events, offer civil protection and assist the emergency medical services. The BRC’s District Association for the Oberallgäu Region is also responding to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by implementing supporting measures, including providing those citizens who are considered to be at risk with a shopping service from Monday to Friday, for example.


The challenges that the Red Cross rescuers face on a daily basis include tackling the likes of impassable terrain. The new service quad bike was bought with the aim of making access both swifter and, above all else, safer. In addition to a powerful engine, the 34 hp all-terrain vehicle also has a switchable four-wheel drive and a roll bar. ‘It’s absolutely ideal for searching for missing people or for providing services off the beaten track,’ confirmed Alexandra Lingenhöl, the BRC’s Deputy Standby Manager.


At the donation handover ceremony, Anton Klotz (Chairman of the Foundation Council) said: ‘I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the volunteers. Our donation will make the work undertaken by the emergency services that little bit easier. The work the volunteer paramedics do is priceless and vital for our society.’


‘This generous donation means the Red Cross in Kempten is superbly equipped for future outreach activities,’ added Alfred Reichert, Chairman of the BRC’s District Association for the Oberallgäu Region, before going on to thank the Family Rauch Foundation charitable organisation on behalf of the BRC.


More information about the Bavarian Red Cross’s Kempten Standby initiative is available at