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  • Brake Testing Technology

Passenger car trailers with a total weight of 750 to 3,500 kg are usually equipped with overrun brakes. However, it is not always possible, depending on the model, to test these in a conventional roller brake tester. MAHA offers a solution for reliable brake testing: hydraulic roller set lift.


Haldenwang, 26 July 2019. Travelling with a car and trailer carries some risks to be considered, particularly at this time of the year with the onset of the holiday season, when more and more car/trailer combinations are on the road. It is imperative not only to secure the load correctly but also maintain it in perfect technical condition. But often the brake system is insufficiently checked and this can become expensive and dangerous! To ensure safe braking of the trailer, the braking device must function equally well on both sides. But carrying out a test while driving does not provide the necessary information for maximum safety.

The roller brake tester is perfectly adapted to measure the overrun brake precisely, and the difference between the braking effect on the left and right can also be tested. But the axle spacing, vehicle design or tyre size of trailers can differ to such an extent from one model to another that it is usually impossible to carry out a reliable brake test on a regular test stand. The brake test is difficult on multi-axle trailers with a short distance between the axles, for example, because the axle to be tested cannot be sufficiently inserted into the roller prism of the brake tester, which sometimes makes a brake efficiency test impossible.

The solution is a roller set lift

A test stand with integrated roller set lift provides an absolutely reliable method of testing the overrun brakes of car trailers. This method allows the axle to be hydraulically lifted by 100 mm at the push of a button and thus can be controlled from the inside of the vehicle via remote control. Lifting the individual axles is part of the regular test sequence: one axle is lifted at a time, while the non-tested axles of the trailer are released. This improves the deceleration of the axle to be tested, or allows the efficiency test to take place in the first place.

With MAHA roller brake testers, the hydraulic roller set lift can be upgraded with the reinforced roller set “MBT 2000 RS 5”. This offers a track width of 2.80 m, so that wider trailers with a maximum width of 2.55 m can be tested without any problems. This solution is especially interesting for companies selling or servicing trailers. It makes brake testing on larger models, such as caravans, easier and allows a complete workshop service package to be offered. The lift using “MBT 2000 RS 5” is also available in a two-part version for installation in a working pit.