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  • Brake Testing Technology

On 1/1/2020, the brake tester directive 2011 comes into full force. From this time, general inspections are permissible only on test stands complying with the directive. Workshops and testing organisations should deal with the change promptly since delivery bottlenecks are expected in the coming months. Some manufacturers are already at their capacity limit and can no longer deliver on time. MAHA guarantees on-time delivery and fitting by ordering at the latest by mid-October.


Haldenwang, 11 June 2019. From January 2020, the legislator will, as is well-known, tighten the regulations for periodic vehicle inspection with the entry into force of the brake tester directive. Only workshops and inspection bodies whose test equipment was previously replaced or modified in accordance with the directive may still offer general inspections in their business from this time. “Although the demand for brake testers has again notably increased in the first six months, many businesses are probably putting off investment as far as possible and waiting until the last minute. As a result, they could get into trouble in terms of the delivery”, Christian Thalheimer, Product Manager for Testing Technology at MAHA, assesses the market situation.

Delivery times become a problem

Since as early as the beginning of the year, workshop outfitters in the brake tester sector have recorded a notable rise in new orders according to information from the ASA association, and in the second half of 2019 the demand will probably increase even further. In the coming months, some manufacturers obviously already have to adapt: they can no longer guarantee on-time delivery and fitting of the test stands due to the high number of orders and now have delivery times of up to one year. Others, however, are advertising with likely short-term availability of the test stands, but it must be considered here that the delivery is not in itself sufficient. The planning of any required foundation works, the fitting and commissioning and the calibration and routine testing of the test stand must also be considered in advance in order to be ready for use by the effective date on 1/1/2020.

MAHA guarantees on time delivery and commissioning

MAHA currently guarantees a delivery time on all roller brake testers of six to eight weeks and also ensures the fitting directly after delivery. The manufacturer advises all customers, who have not made this change yet, to deal with this matter as soon as possible and order new test stands at the latest by mid-October. Only then can you ensure that they are still delivered, fitted and calibrated on time. “We have adapted our production processes early to the increasing demand that is expected. As a result and thanks to our extensive sales and service network, we can guarantee our customers that their test stand will be ready for operation by 1 January”, says Christian Thalheimer. He recommends general inspection workshops, who want to be on the safe side and avoid downtimes, to make this change promptly in any case.

Everything from a single source

In Haldenwang not only can you count on decades of proven product quality. Additional services such as the delivery, a comprehensive site and 24 hours’ replacement service and installation, DAkkS [German Accreditation Body]-compliant calibration and extensive training programme for the users complete the “full service package” for MAHA customers. The offer includes, upon request, virtually everything down to the final commissioning on-site. “As a result, we guarantee our customers the security of maximum availability” Managing Director Stefan Fuchs describes the service concept of the manufacturer. “Our distribution partners even carry out the disposal of old test stands so that the customer doesn’t need to do anything. General inspections can be started immediately on the following day after an introductory briefing.”

MAHA’s comprehensive portfolio offers the suitable test stand for each vehicle: from passenger cars, transporters with up to 8 ton axle load, commercial vehicles with up to 20 tons – each can find a suitable “roll”. You can find the complete offering here