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The CONNECT CUBE V3 is another milestone in MAHA’S digitalisation strategy. It can be used as a mobile data hub for all currently available ASA Livestream-compatible brake testers. Plug'n'Play has never been easier.


Haldenwang, 07 July 2020. Experience has shown that disparate IT infrastructure, interface configurations, export and import functions, and complex network configurations often posed considerable challenges for our customers.

The solution – made by MAHA: CONNECT CUBE V3

“Our objective was to develop a user-friendly and smart product that will significantly reduce our customers’ costs and thus create digital added value”, explains Michael Amann, Managing Director. He adds: ”We achieved that with this Plug'n'Play solution. There are no additional fees for licences or apps. Our CONNECT CUBE is not dependent on any specific manufacturer or person and is therefore ideal for guideline compliant general roadworthiness tests. The ability to read brake force values digitally on any smart device is a free extra that opens up the digital world for workshops. And all that is available at a fair price.

No installation required

The CONNECT CUBE creates its own network and sends the ASA Livestream data directly to mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. It has its own stable autonomous WiFi network (access point) and is therefore not dependent on existing networks. Complex configurations and network knowledge, which can vary from one brake tester to the next, are no longer necessary. In addition, the CONNECT CUBE comes with the NETMAN 4.0 network manager pre-installed. This allows the inspector to access it directly via a browser.

Digital, paperless vehicle testing

Another feature of the CONNECT CUBE is the way it can be used in both vehicle safety tests and general roadworthiness tests as prescribed by Section 29 of the German Road Vehicle Licensing Act (StVZO). When used together with the SP adapter, it sends the required ASA Livestream data wireless to the SP-Plus software. In that way, it provides guideline compliant documentation and can be used for brake efficiency testing. 

Standardised user interface across different brake testers

The CONNECT CUBE can add a digital display panel to any existing brake tester that has an ASA Livestream interface by connecting the tester with a monitor via the integrated HDMI port. Alternatively, the CONNECT CUBE’s web application can also be displayed in the browser of a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Its adaptive design allows the software to align with the mobile device so that the information is displayed the same on both small and large screens.

The brake efficiency test can be analysed from within the vehicle, thanks to a new visualisation and an intuitive user interface, which makes manual recording of the values measured unnecessary. The test log can be saved as a PDF file, if required.

All essential information on one screen

Users can easily read all the CONNECT CUBE settings and battery charge level on the self-explanatory e-paper display. The high-performance battery lasts for a minimum of 10 hours.

No drilling or screwing required

A magnet bracket is embedded in the bottom of the housing so that the CONNECT CUBE can be easily mounted close to the ASA interface, for instance on a metal switch cabinet or on the brake tester display panel.

Best for last

The latest technologies are integrated within the CONNECT CUBE so that it is ready for any future requirements in the digital world, e.g. networked workshops, digital monitoring or M2M expansion. We are here to support your digitalisation efforts.