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Delegates of the Bundesverband eMobiliät (BEM) e.V. convened at the mechanical engineering company in Haldenwang for their annual general meeting on 30 September 2020. As the host, MAHA is strongly committed to electric mobility.


Haldenwang, 14 October 2020. The Allgäu scenery, with its lush green meadows and blue-white Bavarian sky, was the venue for the annual general meeting of the Bundesverband eMobility (BEM). The MAHA SERVICE CENTER team succeeded in providing the perfect setting with the support of the company's in-house restaurant and an organisational team.

Kurt Sigl, President of the BEM, and Dr. Thomas Aubel, Managing Director of MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang, answered the questions of the press prior to the main event.

“After the topic has not had enough attention so far, electro-mobility is booming at the moment,” reports Kurt Sigl. “The topic was somewhat held back in Germany because of the insufficient interest shown by the relevant industries, but also because of the excessive regulation imposed by our government,” confirms Thomas Aubel. Another big mistake is the lack of discussion about the topic alternative drive systems within Germany. Kurt Sigl and Thomas Aubel both agree that the new drive has to be accepted step by step.

There is a growing interest in finding alternative drive systems. Kurt Sigl speaks of “the heydays for electro-mobility”. Thomas Aubel believes, “innovations and therefore also the issue of electro-mobility are compulsory subjects for MAHA. It was a matter of particular importance for us to demonstrate our interest in the issue of electro-mobility to the Bundesverband eMobilität and to support its work.