(Last updated: August 2020)

The following terms and conditions apply:

1 Organiser
The competition is organised by MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG, Hoyen 20, 87490 Haldenwang, Germany.

2 Participants
All persons who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate.
Participation through competition clubs or participation and registration services, automated participation, multiple participation as well as participation with forged identities or with identities of third persons is not permitted. 
Participants may be required to prove their eligibility to participate in the competition. If the participants do not prove their eligibility to participate within the deadline set by MAHA, MAHA reserves the right to exclude the participants from participation.

3 Prizes
The advertised prize is one of three Apple iPads, 10.2", 32 GB, WiFi.

4 How does participation work?
Participation takes place during the period from 8 to 20 September 2020, 24.00 hrs CEST. To take part in the competition, the participant must answer a multiple choice question.

5 Prize assessment and notification
The winners will be determined at random. 
Winners will be notified by email or by post once the competition has ended. For this purpose, you are required to enter your contact details into the prompt. If the contact details are not sent, the claim to the prize is forfeited.
In the event of an undeliverable prize notification, MAHA shall not be obliged to make further enquiries; there shall be no claim to the prize in this case. 

6 Transfer of prize
Once the prize has been notified, the prize will be sent by parcel service to the address specified by the participant upon request.
The address can no longer be changed following participation. In the event of an undeliverable prize, MAHA shall not be obliged to make further enquiries. In this case, the claim to the prize is forfeited.
The risk of deterioration and accidental loss shall pass to the winner on shipment.

7 Exclusion of participants
MAHA reserves the right to exclude participants who provide false or incomplete information, make use of unauthorised aids, where there is suspicion of misuse or who otherwise violate the conditions of participation, from participation without giving reasons. 
If the conditions for exclusion are met, prizes may be subsequently withdrawn or prizes already paid out or delivered may be reclaimed.
MAHA reserves the right to ask the participant to comment if they suspect a reason for exclusion. If no statement is made within the period set by MAHA, MAHA reserves the right to exclude the participants from participation.
Further reasons for exclusion are set out in section 2.

8 No prize transfer
If it is not possible to transfer the prize to the winner (e.g. because the entitlement to the prize has been forfeited due to the conditions of participation or the winner does not accept the prize), MAHA is entitled to decide at its own discretion what to do with the prize (e.g. whether the prize is to be awarded to the participants who have not won according to these conditions of participation or whether the prize is not to be awarded and used instead, for example, for another competition).

9 Data protection
Please consult the separate data protection information on the competition.

10 Disclaimer
MAHA accepts no responsibility for loss of data, in particular losses occurring during data transmission, technical defects as well as lost, damaged or delayed submissions resulting from network, hardware or software problems.
Any warranty claims on the part of the winners are excluded.

11 Amendment/suspension of the competition
MAHA reserves the right to amend or suspend the competition in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
MAHA is in particular entitled to discontinue, interrupt or suspend the competition if attempted misuse through manipulation is detected.

12 Invalidity of individual clauses
In the event that a clause of these conditions become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining conditions remains unaffected.

13 Transfer, cash payment, legal action
The prize will not be paid in cash and is not transferable. Recourse to legal action is excluded.