product details / scope of delivery

  • Transient emission testing for accurate analysis and measurement of emissions for vehicles under load (in conjunction with MAHA emission testers)
  • Driving resistance simulation for ASM-5015 and ASM-2525 emission tests (Acceleration Simulation Mode) in line with the BAR '97 specifications

Roller Set Description and Standard Delivery

  • Self-supporting closed roller set frame
  • Surface-mounted installation, with drive-on ramps (option)
  • Pneumatic lifting bar
  • Electric eddy-current brake with integrated flywheel
  • AC-Motor including control and power electronics
  • Varnished with high-quality powder coating: Anthracite Grey, RAL 7016 (frame) Ruby Red , RAL 3003 (rollers)

Operating modes of the tester in conjunction with emissions
analyser or external PC:

  • Driving resistance simulation for ASM-5015 and ASM-2525 emission tests (Acceleration Simulation Mode)in line with the BAR '97 specifications
  • Driving resistance simulation for transient emissions testing in line with standard test cycles (note: vehicle inertia simulation in deceleration mode limited to 2000 lbs (900 kg)
  • Determination and compensation of equipment's own losses ('Parasitic losses') according to BAR'97 specifications. Acceleration of the roller set with built-in AC-Motor to approx. 50 km/h with subsequent performance of roll-off tests ('coast-down').
  • Performance measurement (wheel power) possible in the operation modes:
    • constant speed
    • constant tractive force
  • Control of the tester via serial interface RS-232 (e.g. emissions analyser which meets ‘BAR '97’ specifications or an external PC)

  • Test bench is not CE-compliant delivery to non-EU countries only


Additional Technical Documentation

Operating Instructions

Technical Data

Technical Data:

Axle load2700 kg
Roller set
dimensions (L x W x H)3275 x 720 x 270/570 mm
Weight .approx. 820 kg
Min. track740 mm
Max. track2440 mm
Roller diameter217 mm
Mechanical inertia900 kg (2000 lbs)
Power supply230 V 50 Hz
Fuse20 A, slow-blow
Compressed air for lifting bar6 - 10 bar
Min. testable wheel diameter330 mm
Driving directionbi-directional
Max. test speed160 km/h
Max. wheel power50 kW
Max. tractive force3000 N
Vehicle inertia simulation
Acceleration mode(6000 lbs) 2700 kg
Deceleration mode(2000 lbs) 900 kg
Adjustable increment1 lb
Packaging dimensions (L x W x H)3600 x 750 x 1000 mm
Weight including packagingapprox. 920 kg