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  • Headlight Testing Technology

MAHA is the first – and so far only – supplier to receive official Group-wide manufacturer’s approval from Volkswagen AG to test and adjust the new VW Touareg’s headlights.


Haldenwang, 7 January 2019. Special requirements call for special solutions. This is precisely why MAHA developed a software version tailored specifically to the needs of Volkswagen AG for the proven MLT 3000 headlight tester. With the VAS 621 001 version for Volkswagen, the workshop supplier is thus currently the only manufacturer to offer a product that has received Volkswagen’s official approval for Group-wide use in its authorised workshops. The new Touareg’s headlights may only be adjusted with this equipment – provided that the latest VAS software is used. And with good reason!

The new Touareg model gives the customer the choice between two headlight variants: LED or state-of-the-art IQ. LIGHT LED Matrix headlights. “Both can be checked correctly with our device by selecting the appropriate mode and adjusted in line with the manufacturer’s specifications,” explains Christian Thalheimer, Product Manager at MAHA. “We are proud to be the only manufacturer capable of offering a device that meets the Volkswagen Group’s high requirements.”

State-of-the-art, complex lighting systems with numerous additional functions not only ensure improved safety due to better road lighting and a reduction in glare and annoying reflections; they also continuously create new challenges for test equipment manufacturers. MAHA offers innovative technology and, thanks to its international network of dealers, offers comprehensive individual advice and outstanding service – in more than just the field of headlight testing technology.