For the first time in its history, the workshop fitter invited current and potential suppliers to attend a supplier day for hydraulic cylinders at its Haldenwang base in the Bavarian Allgäu area. The aim was to find the best strategic partners for successful collaboration.


Haldenwang, 18 December 2018 On 6 December 2018, the decision makers of about 20 potential suppliers arrived at Haldenwang from all over Europe to attend MAHA’s first supplier day. The event was aimed primarily at current as well as potential suppliers with the objective to find the best partners for long-term collaboration, and also to use transparent dialogue to create a healthy sense of competition.

“All manufacturers are currently facing challenging market conditions. It is crucial that they employ the most appropriate methods to identify the best partners with which to build long-term cooperative and transparent relationships. Experience has shown that the better a supplier gets to know and understand their customer, the better they will work together in the future”, explains Kadir Yildiz, project manager of the Kloepfel Consulting team, which has been advising MAHA on optimisation of its procurement processes over the past few months and, together with the company, initiated the event. The name Kloepfel Consulting stands for guaranteeing process and product cost optimisation in the German SME sector. Their unique performance-based approach facilitates strategic consultancy that is clearly results-oriented and supports companies in formulating and implementing innovative strategies.

Following a detailed presentation of the company, MAHA introduced its future procurement strategy in terms of strategic cooperation. Suppliers then toured the site, giving them the opportunity to learn even more about the company. The tour ended in a showroom, set up specially for the occasion, where a selection of cylinders was displayed. Here, they were able to discuss questions and exchange ideas with the responsible managers. MAHA was represented by management as well the the heads of procurement, construction and QA, representatives of the procurement team, product management, construction. Members of staff responsible for the different product groups were also present. This not only reflected the importance of this issue, but also sent out a signal that transparent communication and a “direct line” to its suppliers is critical for the Haldenwang company.

Constructive exchange and frank dialogue were the hallmarks of the day, an impression confirmed by the wholly positive feedback from both visitors and internal participants. “Obviously, we are looking for the best partners who will help us achieve our goal of providing our customers with outstanding quality”, says Stefan Fuchs, Managing Director of MAHA, looking back at the successful event. “We are delighted that so many suppliers attended and really look forward to building cooperative relationships with them in the future.”

MAHA is already planning a supplier day for other product groups next year, in keeping with the idea that maximum transparency ensures maximum quality.