The Infinity Racing Team is Kempten University of Applied Sciences’ own racing team and more than just a student organisation: every year students from all faculties and courses work together to design and manufacture a racing car for the Formula Student. In order to meet the high quality requirements of the racing team, the complete frame of the current vehicle was welded at MAHA in Haldenwang.

MAHA sponsors the young racing sports enthusiasts as an official platinum sponsor with a sum of 5,000 euros. In doing so it supports the Allgäu racing team in its efforts representing its university and the region at international level.


Haldenwang, 29 May 2019. The Infinity Racing Team is a student project at the Kempten University of Applied Sciences where participants use their own knowledge and techniques learned during their studies to build a racing car, thereby allowing them to further develop these skills and gain experience. The now roughly 35 participants’ objective is to develop, build, manufacture and market a one-seater Formula racing car for participation in the international Formula Student design competition, competing against 1,500 teams worldwide in the process. Each year, dedicated and motivated students from the Kempten University of Applied Sciences work on the challenging project on their own initiative, and as part of a team. This also allows members of the racing team to gain the project- and practical experience valued highly by many companies before they have even completed their studies.

MAHA renews its platinum sponsorship

MAHA has maintained close links with Kempten University for a number of years and engages in educational events to inform students of the professional opportunities available to them. MAHA has just opted to resume its sponsorship of the university racing team. As part of a platinum sponsorship partnership the Allgäu workshop outfitter will continue its support for the student project this year too. “Helping technology-loving young people with a passion for cars with their plans financially is a matter close to our hearts because we see this as a worthwhile and sustainable investment in motivated new talents in our region”, says MAHA’s managing director Stefan Fuchs, explaining the company’s decision to subsidise the construction of the Formula racing car with a sum of 5,000 euros. In his mind this sees MAHA taking social responsibility while at the same time promoting the innovation and economic potential of Allgäu as a business location. “We take great satisfaction in doing our bit to support economic development on the ground. MAHA wishes the whole Infinity Racing Team good luck for the coming season, whatever happens!”