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The focus is on customer service! In order to improve the customer service continuously, the MAHA SERVICE CENTER is constantly updating its processes. This is why it was particularly important for the service team to carry out a pilot project together with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH, a long-standing partner, and its solution “connect business” for fleets. It is the ideal platform to act faster and more efficiently.


Haldenwang, 14 October 2020. The key to a fruitful pilot project – a state-of-the-art product solution and the right test environment. The makers of connect business have found the latter in the heavily in-demand fleet management of the MAHA SERVICE CENTER. For the MAHA service team, this was also the perfect match, because as world market leader innovations and developments are the key to our success. “We too are working hard to digitalise our own products as well as the different business sectors,” says Dr. Thomas Aubel, Managing Director of MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG.

We work fast and efficiently
By implementing connect business, the MAHA SERVICE CENTER was able to digitalise its fleet management and thus optimise its internal processes in a new way. “It is our aim to offer the best service. If ultimately the customer benefits, then we have met our goal,” adds Thomas Aubel.

Sandra Jauß, Fleet Manager of the MAHA SERVICE CENTER, keeps track of the fleet at all times with connect business. She can check current data from each vehicle in real time, identify its current location and use this information to schedule repairs and maintenance, for example. The advantage for the operators is that they can more effectively schedule spontaneous technician deployments. Martin Sigg of connect business talks about a digital data highway and thereby conveys the meaning particularly well, because it helps to find the shortest way to the customer and save resources at the same time.

A typical scenario is when a customer reports an emergency to the SERVICE CENTER. Via the connect business platform, the operator checks where the closest service vehicle is located for the customer. The technician is then directly contacted and sent to the customer. “That saves tedious phone calls. As a result, we have had a lot of positive feedback from customers,” says Robert Forderer, Head of the MAHA SERVICE CENTER

The next steps are also firmly in sight.
“Digitalisation: Everybody talks about it, we do it!”, says Thomas Aubel.