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Helping out together and making a difference. This is the goal which the employees at the Bavarian based mechanical engineering company have set themselves and started a fundraising campaign for Ukraine. The initiative is a symbol of the great cohesion that we all currently need more than ever.


Haldenwang, 6th April 2022. The MAHA Group with its headquarters in Haldenwang, Bavaria stands for a peaceful and democratic world with cultural diversity and respectful interaction with one another. Hopes are focused on peace in the near future, as the thoughts of MAHA employees and management are currently with the people in Ukraine, especially with the trading partners and also with the Russian subsidiary of MAHA.

Since the invasion of Russian troops, many people in Ukraine have been living on the edge of their existence or have fled and no longer have a home. Against this background, the initiative was also taken in Haldenwang. Employees were able to make a monetary donation for the people in Ukraine. For this purpose, several collection boxes were set up in the company for an anonymous donation option. The total amount of 3,541 Euros collected by the employees was then doubled by the company, rounded up to 7,500 Euros and, on top of that, quadrupled to 15,000 Euros by the non-profit Family Rauch Foundation. The total donation was then handed over to the recognised aid organisation humedica e.V. in Kaufbeuren.

Humedica is an international, independent aid organization whose goal is to help people who have fallen on hard times due to disasters or structural poverty. The careful and responsible handling of donations has been confirmed annually since 2008 by the award of the DZI donation seal. In total, the aid organization manages donations of between 15 and 20 million euros on average.

"We hope that with this campaign we can all help the people of Ukraine together. For this good cause, we have decided to double the amount donated and round it up to 7,500 Euros" says Stefan Fuchs, Managing Director of MAHA.

Anton Klotz, Chairman of the Foundation Board of the non-profit Family Rauch Foundation and retired District Administrator, is absolutely convinced of the quality of the work that humedica does and endorses the campaign in every respect: "The commitment of MAHA employees is highly exemplary. The foundation is very happy to support the project with an additional sum of 7,500 Euros to reach a total donation of 15,000 Euros."

Humedica is grateful for the donation. Spokespersons for the organization report, "The amount raised by MAHA will be combined with other donations to provide urgently needed materials such as medicines, clothes or blankets. Other forms of support are also implemented by humedica. For example, people in poorer countries such as Moldova, who take in Ukrainian refugees, also receive heating allowances from donations."