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The Haldenwang volunteer fire department is expanding its equipment with a state-of-the-art drone, including additional equipment. The purchase was made possible by the private non-profit Family Rauch Foundation. For many years, the foundation has been committed to helping people who find themselves in an emergency situation through no fault of their own. In April, the donation package worth 23,000 euros was officially handed over by the foundation's advisory board.

Haldenwang, 30th April 2024. The new drone is expected to make life much easier for the emergency services, especially when searching for or rescuing people or animals. It can provide aerial images for larger operations, visualize damage situations or help assess the spread of fires, for example, thanks to the additional high-resolution dual camera with thermal imaging technology.

The donation package also includes two extra battery packs and a charging case. Each battery pack with two batteries provides around 60 minutes of flight time, and the drone can fly with two battery packs for each mission. The so-called “hot-swap” allows the batteries to be changed while the drone is still in ready-to-fly mode without having to shut it down. In addition to the exceptionally long flight time, the drone is rain-proof, has a collision radar and can carry two loads such as a camera and searchlight at the same time.

In addition to the aforementioned searchlight, extra equipment includes a drone landing pad, a second remote control with screen for the “spotter” and a larger screen with image radio transmission modules to transmit the camera image to a command vehicle, for example.

Thomas Bachmann, commander of the Haldenwang volunteer fire department, expressly points out that the drone group is of course also available to neighboring fire brigades on request for various deployment scenarios. Advisory board member and third mayor Michael Hauke thanked the foundation for its generous support on behalf of the municipality of Haldenwang.

Photos: MAHA