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The merger of ATT Automotive Testing Technologies GmbH into MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG was completed on 30 April 2021, one year after MAHA had acquired 100% of the ATT shares. This means that ATT was integrated into MAHA with retroactive effect as from 1 April 2021 at 00:00 hrs and is now officially considered a "Brand of MAHA".


Haldenwang, 05 May 2021. Die ATT has existed since 2000 and was founded at that time as a joint venture between Robert Bosch GmbH and the Nussbaum Group. In 2016, ATT separated from Nussbaum GmbH & Co. KG and has been operating under the name of ATT Automotive Testing Technologies GmbH since the end of January 2020. Since then, ATT has secured a significant market position as a full-service provider of testing technology for periodic vehicle inspection in the German and international testing business. In April 2020, MAHA took over the company and continues to guarantee its joint customers "Real Made in Germany" – vehicle testing technology at best value for money.

"The reliability of our products has top priority at MAHA. It forms the elementary basis of our corporate strategy and also the basis for the success of our customers," explains Stefan Fuchs, Managing Director of MAHA and ATT. Under this principle, ATT's sales and service have already been successfully integrated into the MAHA structures. "This merger strengthens the quality and availability of ATT products and puts even more focus on them," confirms ATT Managing Director Peter Beichter, adding: "We look forward to further strengthening the ATT brand through this step and continuing to lead it into a successful future."