Detalles del producto / volumen de suministro

Multi-post system with four lifting units, three of which are
moveable, with surface-mounted vehicle support and
narrow roller cover; modular design

  • Flexible and custom-selectable post distance thanks to modular designof individual installation boxes
  • Torsion protection through rigid dual post system
  • Optimal operational safety thanks to redundant system with two separate hydraulic circuits and additional electronic pressure/leakage monitoringas standard
  • Corrosion-resistant hydraulic piston; self-lubricating as piston dips into hydraulic oil with every lift
  • Optional use of biodegradable mineral-based oil with long service life
  • Space-saving medium-pressure hydraulic unit, mounted on the lifting units, travels with the moveable lifting unit (no hose routing or movement within the installation box)
  • Low-noise operation thanks to ultra-quiet motor in the installation box
  • Robust roller cover system with electric travel drive, made from pivot bearing aluminium profiles with non-slip surface
  • Narrow roller cover with surface-mounted support, can be driven over with wheel loads of up to 4.0 t
  • Electronic synchronous control oflifting units for uniform vehicle lifting (as per EN 1493), independent of varying vehicle pick-up point heights, and with robust inductive height sensor system
  • Two operating panels (incl. text display) for easy operation of central control and programming unit when moving the lifting units / lifting the vehicle
  • High operational flexibility through different operating modes, including group and individual options, enables efficient work performance
  • Position memory programme allows pick-up positions of up to 40 vehicles to be stored and recalled at any time
  • Cable-connected remote control facilitates and speeds up exact positioning of vehicle support (20 m cable)
  • Simple, integrated, pneumatically operated emergency lowering function; also usable in cases of power failure

Delivery contents:

  • Four lifting units, three of which are moveable, with S roller cover
  • Support crossbar in anthracite grey (RAL 7016)
  • 2sets of vehicle support sliders for forged axles with synthetic overlay (VZ 972343)
  • 2 sets of hinged vehicle support sliders, height 220 (280) mm (VZ 972340)
  • Control cabinet and portable operating panel
  • Pre-assembled cable harnesses per lifting unit, length 30 m
  • Wiring and mounting materials
  • Installation box/installation frame not included
  • Lockable main switch
  • Operating instructions
  • CE declaration of conformity


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Documentación técnica

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Datos técnicos

Datos técnicos:

Capacidad de carga CE56000 kg
Capacidad de carga por unidad de elevación800 - 14000 kg
Altura elevación máx.2050 mm
Profundidad de montaje pistón
desplazable/pistón fijo2523/2723 mm
Distancia de desplazamiento de la unidad de elevación
desplazable4020 mm
Ancho del travesaño de alojamiento1000 mm
Diámetro de pistón2 x 125 mm
Cubierta abatible,
transitable con una carga de rueda de4000 kg
Ancho cubierta abatible630 mm
Material cubierta abatiblealuminio
Tiempo de subida/bajada
en función de la cargaaprox. 60/60 s
Cantidad de aceite hidráulico
(no incluido en el volumen de suministro)aprox. 260 l
Presión de servicio70 bar
Unidad de control (Al x An x Pr)800 x 800 x 300 mm
Potencia motriz16,0 kW
Fusible gG35 A
Alimentación de tensión3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz