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About 150 students from the surrounding secondary schools took the opportunity to learn about MAHA's apprenticeship programs. Bayme's M+E InfoTruck provided the ideal platform for this. It was on the premises of the engineering company from 22 to 24 February 2022.


Haldenwang, 24th February 2022. The choice of apprenticeships is almost inexhaustible. Understandably, many teens in graduating classes are spoiled for choice and wonder: “What do I want to be?”. To help them find a career, the M+E InfoTruck (M+E = metal and electrical) travels through Bavaria under the motto “Fascination of Technology” and informs students in the seventh to tenth grades at secondary schools about training opportunities in the metal and electrical industry. Students from the Kempten and Obergünzburg state secondary schools and the Altusried, Dietmanns­ried, Hofmühle Kempten and Durach secondary schools took advantage of this opportunity. They were invited to explore the InfoTruck and also the MAHA company.

The two-storey M+E InfoTruck offers 80 square meters of countless alternatives for experiencing the “fascination of technology” in a practical and intuitive way. There are many hands-on and experiment stations on the lower floor. There, for example, the students can program a CNC machine and then mill a workpiece or solve various tasks with different circuits at a workstation with many electrical modules. The second floor of the truck focuses on career education, which is displayed on a large touchscreen. Through the presentation of a MAHA trainee, the students were also informed about the profession of industrial clerk, about available internships and the selection of applicants in the company. During a tour of the training workshop, the students were also able to find out about the training and work situation and talk to our trainees. Many students were enthusiastic about the diversity of the metal and electrical industry and the training opportunities at MAHA.

And Erwin Kling, head of industrial training at MAHA, is also pleased with the success of the event: “Due to the coronavirus, many career information events had to be cancelled or conducted virtually. That's why this truck, with its hands-on information, is a wonderful addition to traditional career guidance options.”