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Due to his age, Dr. Robert Betz will retire from the Foundation Board of the non-profit Familie Rauch Foundation as of 8 February 2022 in accordance with the Articles of Association. His successor is Mr. Michael Hauke, Managing Director of the Allgäuer Werkstätten.


Haldenwang, 8th February 2022. MAHA informs that the previous member of the Foundation Board, Dr. Robert Betz, is handing over his office to Mr. Michael Hauke due to his age in accordance with the Articles of Association. “Dr. Betz has been a member of the Foundation Board of the non-profit Familie Rauch Foundation, founded by Mr and Mrs Rauch, since the very beginning in 2011. Dr. Betz has accompanied the foundation through more than ten eventful years. We would like to express our sincere thanks to him for his work and his active commitment over this long period of time,” says Anton Klotz, Chairman of the Foundation Board and retired District Administrator.

He will be succeeded by Mr. Michael Hauke with effect from 8 February 2022. Mr. Hauke holds a degree in business administration and was already involved in the Family Foundation as a Foundation Board member in the past. This has given him a comprehensive insight into MAHA's corporate issues. In addition, he has been a local councillor for 32 years and is currently 3rd Mayor of Haldenwang.

"We are very pleased that with Mr. Hauke we have regained a respected personality with great motivation, high loyalty and a strong understanding of MAHA. Finally, I am very proud that we now have a complete Foundation Board again, and that together with the President of the Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hauke, and now also with Mr. Michael Hauke, we form a top-class trio," says Anton Klotz.