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14 stations with trade fair novelties awaited visitors at the MAHA stand at Automechanika 2022 in Hall 8.0, and the “Innovation Box” played a major part in this. Selected visitors had access only in the company of a MAHA employee and experienced a surprise.


Haldenwang, 20th September 2022. For the 26th time, the international meeting place for the industry, workshop and trade of the automotive aftermarket opened its doors in Frankfurt from 13 to 17 September 2022. In the exhibition period of five days, this year about 78,000 trade visitors from 175 countries were recorded.

Under the motto “IT’S ALL ABOUT Innovation” MAHA ignited a whole fireworks display of novelties. The mechanical engineering company with production in the Allgäu region is thus clearly pursuing its goals of continuous and market-oriented product development. The products presented are not only innovative, but also take into account the latest directives, even before they are legally binding. True to the MAHA slogan "Best solutions for maximum safety".

Among the main fireworks highlights are undoubtedly MAHA’s innovations of the decade: the world's first digital roller brake testers from the C_MBT CONNECT product family for cars, vans and trucks up to 20 t axle load. They are equipped with the latest network technology and are particularly suitable as stand-alone testers, as passenger car reception and diagnostic test lanes or for the periodic technical vehicle inspection. The new generation of roller brake testers is strictly state-of-the-art, but also waterproof. What exactly is meant was demonstrated live to the interested trade audience in the mysterious “Innovation Box” at the MAHA stand. The CONNECT base circuit board, which is typically located in the floor assembly and records measurement data, was placed in a water-filled aquarium and proved its resilience there.

Another product sensation is the new C_RGA, the world’s first mobile column lift with lithium-ion battery technology and with unique, interference-free radio operation with double safety. There will be a separate product launch in February 2023.

The tried-and-tested in-ground lifting technology could not be missing from the trade show. It offers new special supports for a wide range of electric vehicles with patent-pending, spring-guided quick positioning.

Visitors were also able to take a closer look at the TRUCKBAY, MAHA's test and work pit for trucks, which is customised according to the customer's needs. Its advantage is that it can be easily and quickly installed on site in combination with all types of additional equipment. This avoids extremely long construction times.

The next highlights were the axle and transmission jacks, the latest generation of pit jacks with synchronised cylinder and Venturi nozzle, which guarantee safe and precise work, and the LMS joint and axle play testers in the heavy-duty range. For this product with up to 20 t axle load, the current EU directive 2014/45/EU has already been implemented.

Also on display at Automechanika was the latest exhaust gas measuring device, the MPC MAHA PARTICLE COUNTER, for diesel and gasoline vehicles. It is based on the diffusion-charging measurement principle, which is undoubtedly the best for the workshop from the point of view of those responsible at Haldenwang, because unlike the CPC (Condensation Particle Counter) method, it does not require any operating materials at all.

We have only just reached the halfway point of the MAHA trade fair innovations. As announced at the beginning, the visitors were led from one sensation to the next, so the innovation in the field of performance measurement technology could not be missing. The completely redeveloped MSR 5000 is based on a PLC-programmed dynamometer and guarantees precise, reliable and reproducible measurement results. This also enables high-power and high-torque e-vehicles to be measured. The star of the two-post lifts also made its appearance on the trade fair stage – the MA STAR triple safety with 3.5 t, 5.5 t and brand new with 6.5 t load capacity. The five-star lift stands out for its unique design and, above all, its “triple safety”.

The MLT 3000 headlight tester received a redesign which drew a lot of attention from visitors. The special feature – it is characterised by the faster image processing of the new camera and is capable of testing the latest headlight technology.

An absolutely new development of the Allgäu-based company is the EUSAMA PHASE SHIFT shock absorber tester. It already meets the recommended specification of the EGEA (European Garage Equipment Assocciation) and operates according to the phase shift principle.

Last but not least, the DUO CM scissors lift could not be missing from the presented fireworks display. It was exhibited with two kinds of runways at Automechanika 2022. On the one hand, according to the German directive for headlight testing stations and, on the other hand, according to the new EU directive for axle play testers.

The international MAHA stand personnel, with a manpower of around 50 persons, provided the guests with expert advice. “I am very proud of our trade fair presence and our employees, who succeeded in inspiring our guests with their positive spirit, their passion for what they do and their total commitment,” says Stefan Fuchs, MAHA Managing Director.

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