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Scissors Lift DUO CM bodeneben achsmess AUDI 4 960x480

DUO CM 5.0 U

DUO | Scissors Lift with 5000 kg Load Capacity

VP 250239


  • Scissor lift for in-ground installation for easier use of the lift, without protruding components in the lift area
  • Very robust and well-established design with a high vehicle throughput and optimum service life in mind
  • High lateral stability and bending strength, so also suited to precise wheel alignment
  • Runways equipped with pre-integrated guide rail for axle lift
  • Latches and cylinder racks as extra safety feature
  • Cables and hydraulic hoses installed safely within scissor pipes
  • An elevated lifting height in excess of 2.1 m makes repair works and access easier and ensures suitability for strip foundations
  • EMERGENCY OFF function in the case of power failure
  • Additional anti-corrosion treatment of lock seams, cavity sealing
  • Varnished with high-quality powder coating: gentian blue, RAL 5010
  • Automatic synchronisation of runways and the optional wheel-free jack
  • Protected within the lifting cylinders, the maintenance-free integrated displacement measurement encoder ('linear-absolute measuring system') eliminates the need for light barriers for synchronisation monitoring and electric switches for lift height detection
  • High level of safety due to immediate switch-off in case of (one-sided) collision with obstacle at minimum height difference
  • Crushing and shearing protection due to CE stop
  • Stops automatically upon rising to desired lifting height with custom programmable breakpoint
  • Robust membrane keyboard
  • Optional lift floor for retractable in-ground axle jack
  • Double latch option for wheel alignment for additional stability within the scissors arm (not possible in conjunction with wheel-free jack)
  • DUO-SPEED option for short lifting / lowering times

Standard Delivery:

  • Scissor lift, type: DUO CM 5.0 U
  • Operation desk, control and hydraulic unit
  • Lockable main switch
  • 4 roll-off flaps
  • 2 pneumatic quick-action couplings installed on runway
  • 8 rope loops to be used as a transport aid
  • Operating manual and test log
  • EC CE declaration of conformity
  • Transport packaging


Collective Brochure DE | EN
Brochure DUO DE | EN | ES | FR
Technical datasheet DUO CM 5.0 U DE | EN | ES | FR
Technical data
Load capacity CE 5000 kg
Load capacity CE with wheel-free jack 5000 kg
Lifting height max. 2140 mm
Raising / Lowering time (load-dependent) approx. 50 s / 40 s
Drive-on height 290 mm
Installation depth 300 mm
Full travel 1850 mm
Operating pressure 190 bar
Motor power 2,5 kW
Fuse gG 16 A
Power supply 3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz
Dimensions packaging (L x W x H) 5300 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm
Dimensions total (L x W x H) 5200 mm x 2210 mm x 290 mm
Runway dimensions (L x W x H) 5200 mm x 630 mm x 176 mm
Runway length, optional 0 mm
Weight 3000 kg
Weight incl. packaging 3200 kg
Hydraulic fluid quantity (not included in standard delivery) 40 l
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